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Writing a master thesis in a company – finding the best job on a topic

External Master Thesis: A practical end of the study

Before the successful completion of the Master’s degree (Economics, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering or Engineering) at the University or the University of Applied Sciences, the final scientific examination is required: the final thesis. The master’s thesis (formerly diploma thesis or master’s thesis) is an academic examination, but can be completed in the company. This always depends on the respective examination regulations. The advantage of an external thesis is higher practical relevance and a good entry into the job. Not infrequently, highly qualified students receive a job with a good salary immediately afterwards. But first the supervisor or university professor has to be convinced. For more information in our blog In almost all subjects, such as business studies, marketing, finance, or even management, a master’s thesis is required to complete the last modules and collect ECTS or credits to meet the requirements of the Bologna criteria. In technical subjects such as mechanical engineering, engineering, electrical engineering or industrial engineering (WING) are the topics of applied. Without the final academic academic thesis, the student will be exmatriculated without the academic master’s degree – even if the other mandatory compulsory subjects – for example all university examinations – have been provided, as the work is obligatory according to the Conference of Ministers of Education in connection with the Bologna Refrom , Following the academic work written in writing, some oral examinations (both attendance courses and distance learning) may be required.

Find a topic – focus on content for the master thesis

Whether Bachelor thesis (BA and B.Sc) or Master thesis (MA and M.Sc or MBA – Master of Business Administration): A good topic for the hypothesis of the thesis is crucial, otherwise the structuring of the scientific work is difficult and you run the Danger of getting a bad grade from the professor, the supervisor or lecturer. We help you to find good topic ideas. With the right topic, on the other hand, you can not only generate the necessary motivation for the often 6-month processing time, but also work on an exciting topic in his or her field of practice. First, it is important to convince the supervisor of his hypothesis and then to work out an expose in which the outline (abstract, main part, chapters 1 – 4, bibliography, footnotes and appendices) becomes clear. Subsequently, a registration at the examination office is mandatory. The footnote apparatus is used to include citations to other monographs or scientific publications (journals, scientific papers, conference papers) to validate the work through the references. This method of working is similar to the methodology of a term paper or a term paper, which were often made in previous semesters and were presented in a presentation or a presentation to the classmates. For the bibliography, ie the collection of the quotations at the end of the work, a suitable software is recommended: for example, Bibliographix, Endnote or F1000Workspace. Also suitable for the representation of mathematical formulas are programs like LaTeX. If you already have a topic, then suggest us your topic!

Master’s thesis: Better than an internship – companies find the best employees

Students about to graduate: On the job market, students of electrical engineering and power engineering, computer science and engineering are particularly in demand. The experts trained at the university are necessary to maintain the innovative power of the companies. These students are achieved through employer branding – but an even more effective way of recruiting are exciting tasks and content. This content-related component of employer branding should not be underestimated. Already for an internship (often compulsory internship), exciting topics for students can be the decisive criterion at ider selection. All students in Europe have to write a thesis. This makes it an ideal opportunity for companies to present their topics when students are specifically looking for them. Unlike an internship, employers also learn a lot about the student’s project management skills. Many companies already use this option: Fresenius, Pentasys AG, ASAP Holding, Best Practice Consulting GmbH or Gigatronik. Employer Branding, Young Professionals and STEM Specialists Gain Master Thesis, Bachelor Thesis or Diploma Thesis: There are many graduate theses at the University or Applied Science, and innovative companies should remember that in the battle for skilled workers, students of the generation Y (Gen-Y) want more than an internship. Human resources departments of companies can define a topic together with the specialist departments and specifically attract students to work on this topic. The scientific results are a great advantage for the company. As a result, the relationships between companies and higher education / science are intensifying. So it’s a classic win-win-win situation.

Tips and tricks that help you to successfully write the master thesis

Many students need help with the master thesis. First and foremost, of course, the academic supervisor is the most important contact person, nevertheless, it is helpful to know more tips and tricks around the master’s thesis. For this reason, we have summarized many of these little aids to successfully write the thesis in our blog. For example, the articles provide master thesis: How do I find a topic? or The supervision of the Master’s thesis. But also very practical topics such as “Proofreading: The formal completion of the Master’s thesis” or “The care in the company – external thesis” are discussed in our blog. (Examples of master theses as PDF can be found here) In addition to these tips and tricks that will help you to successfully write your master’s thesis, we have also included some testimonials from students who have already written their thesis: My master’s thesis – Leon reports on his Experiences, knowledge and problems.

Plagiarism check of the master thesis

A plagiarism check for the Master’s thesis may be a major last step before the Master’s thesis is submitted. It is important to avoid plagiarism. (The plagiarism check for the bachelor thesis can be found here)

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