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What is a plagiarism?

What types of plagiarism are there? How do universities deal with plagiarism? Where is the border between inspiration and plagiarism? What consequences do plagiarism have? Why are so many politicians caught? Since the Guttenberg affair has been widely spoken in public about plagiarism. The plagiarism affairs, however, not only affect prominent personalities from the world Read More

Writing a master thesis in a company – finding the best job on a topic

External Master Thesis: A practical end of the study Before the successful completion of the Master’s degree (Economics, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering or Engineering) at the University or the University of Applied Sciences, the final scientific examination is required: the final thesis. The master’s thesis (formerly diploma thesis or master’s thesis) is an academic examination, Read More

The master thesis in the company

The Master’s thesis can be more than just the chore at the end of your studies: your ticket to the job at the company of your choice. Many students no longer write their master’s thesis classically on a theoretical topic at a chair of their university, but opt for the master’s thesis in the company. Read More